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Special Paints

Special Effects

With the Special Effects line, Coverplast offers a completely revolutionary and surprising vision of the industry, demonstrating how new ideas and new solutions can open up unexplored horizons

Steel Chrome is a quick dry, mono component, special effect, to be applied with a traditional HVLP gun. 
This product can be applied on all surfaces, and offers a chrome look, very similar to the real chrome plating. Very resistant, easy to apply, suitable for all industries that requires a chrome look. Available in opaque and gloss. Appropriate for furniture, indoor and outdoor decorations, cars, motorcycles, boats, appliances, musical instruments, etc. 
Available colors: Chrome, Gold, Green, Violet, Black, Red, Yellow, Brown, Pink, Light Blue, etc



Coverchrome  is the innovative result of a finish with real chrome reflective plating, easily applicable on any product surfaces. This product offers a high reflective paint effect, similar to the traditional chrome process through the galvanic procedure, due to a chemical reaction between ecological additives. This ecological, low cost, easy to apply special effect is environment friendly. To be applied by spray on all surfaces (metal, cast, plastic, stone, resin, foam, etc.), it provides a high quality finish, maintaining flexibility and durability performance. A special equipment is required to apply this product. This equipment is easy to use, easy handle and to transport. Available colors: Chrome, Gold, Green, Violet, Black, Red, Yellow, Brown, Pink, Light Blue, etc.



This special effect, to be added to the transparent finish, features prismatic flakes that change to a multi color effect with the light exposure. Available grit: 0.2 mm, 0.4 mm, 0.8 mm. 
Suitable to highlight with a diamond effect any traditional finish.



Special bi-component product with a glitter effect, easy to use and very quick drying time. To be applied on a special black primer, this product is available in gold, violet, red, blue, green and multicolor. 
It is also possible to obtain other colors by modifying the color of the primer. To apply this product, no special equipment is needed. This product is suitable for furniture, household objects, accessories, car equipment and parts, and for anything that needs to be unique and with a glitter effect. (Up to 2 different color change).



Special high resistant acrylic fluorescent paint. Quick drying and easy to apply. The painted substrate gets charged by the sun light and glows in the dark. Easy to use, and suitable for car customization, furniture, various objects, etc



Mono component acrylic product with fluorescent effect, to be applied on white basecoat. 
Easy to use, no special equipment is needed to apply this product. To be applied on top of the transparent finish.



Mono component product with a rainbow effect (up to 8 different color change), to be applied on opaque bases. The particularity of this effect is the multi chromatic shade obtained by the sun light exposure and sight angulations. This special effect is much more intense on dark color and it is available with a fine and course grit. No special equipment is needed to apply this product. Suitable for any industry where a unique and special effect is needed.



Two component product with multi chrome color change effect, to be applied on a black primer. 
No special equipment needed, easy to apply. Available color: Violet/Green SC01, Green/Blue SC02, Brown/Violet SC03, Red/Green SC04, Green/Yellow SC05, Violet/Blue SC06, Blue/Purple



Transparent acrylic product with crackle effect, with possible tinting in all the available color founded in the color charts. Easy to use, no special equipment is needed to apply this product. Excellent for any decorative finish needed.



Velvet- Rubber effect, for a finish perceptible to the touch



Paint velvety feel to the touch that’s even more intense than the previous one


Application of synthetic fibres for a new sensory quality