Coverplast offers a range of high quality nanotechnology products that protect the various surfaces of motor vehicles and offer durable waterproof protection. Our products are stain and scratch resistant, prevent ice cover, protect from reflections and glare while driving and ensuring clear visibility even in unfavorable weather conditions.

Real estate

Our products are the perfect solution for the treatment of surfaces in the real estate sector defending indoor and outdoor environments in a lasting way. Coverplast products provide total protection from the elements, hygienic protection from contaminants such as smog, mold, limescale, bacteria, toxins and a permanent anti-graffiti solution. Our products allow the treatment of internal environments by providing a deep sanitization and disinfection.


Coverplast offers a range of excellent nanotechnology products that make the surfaces of boats and ships (portholes, sails, hull, etc.) water and oil repellent, they protect the surfaces from stain and salt and ensure a durable cleanliness and brilliance.


Coverplast offers a range of high quality nanotechnology products for protection of industrial equipment and machinery against aging and corrosiveness. Our products ensure a durable cleanliness thus delaying the maintenance interval.

Cleaner Glass