about us

About us

Our history

Our company was founded in 1972 as paint manufacturer  with the name of Coverplast. The careful development and the tireless pursuit of quality have immediately distinguished our products allowing us a progressive widening of the offer and activities.

Innovation and customization of our offer has, over time, led to the start of positive collaborations with with some of the most famous Italian and international companies, thus making our company at the forefront in many sectors including automotive, textile, real estate, marine and green energy.

The excellent results of our research department have made it necessary  to divide the areas of our production into two divisions: the first holding the name of Coverplast, specializing in the production of paints; the second, with the name of Covernanotech, specializing in the developing of innovative and high technology products based on nanoparticle and nanotechnology.



Quality and innovation

We follow every step of the production and choose carefully our materials. We constantly invest in research and development in order to  integrate new technologies and innovation. We realize everything according to the highest quality control.

Our company performs every single phase of the process:  from the project to the quality control, from the packaging of the products to the logistics supply. We can ensure top quality solutions and a total customizations of them, according to our clients’ needs.  Our commitment led us to obtain the ISO 9001/2000 certification and the implementation of OHSAS 18001.

Today our products are available all over the word, thanks to an important network of agents and distributors.